Day 7

For day 7 matches will be played in Ropar, Punjab.  The biggest match of the day will be Team Iran taking on Team USA.  Iran is by far the most improved team of the tournament.  They have played well in the pool and have won their last match.  Going up against USA will not be easy for Iran, even though Team USA are short of star players.   There are still very talented and technically sound players on USA team.  Who ever wins this match will advance to the semi finals to play against Pool A winner.

Argentina in the other match is looking for their first win against Kenya.  Kenya being the Rookie team has struggle and Argentina will have a pretty good chance to defeat them and get their first win.  In the women's matches, USA will be taking on Malaysia.  Malaysia opted to stay out of the 2011 World Cup because they did not have a strong enough team.  It will be interesting to see how they preform.

Argentina 55 Vs. Kenya 43
Iran 44 Vs. USA 41
USA 18 Vs. Malaysia 47 (Women)

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