Day 6

The six day of Kabaddi World Cup 2012 features 4 matches all together.  The 2 men's matchsup are Canada Vs. New Zealand and India Vs. Afghanistan.  After waiting for six days, this is the first match of Canada.  They match up well with New Zealand,  Canada has the better stopline while New Zealands raid might be on par with Canada.  Kuljeeta Malsyian and Labhi Deol will be raiding for Team Canada in this match.  In the women's match India will be up against Denmkar while Turkmenistan plays USA.  It is Denmark's first every international kabaddi match and they will have their work cut out of them against India.
Canada Vs. New Zealand
India Vs. Afghanistan
India Vs. Denmark (Women)
Turkmenistan Vs. USA (Women)

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